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Used Vehicles 1972
FMC M667 Lance Missile Carrier

ADDED: June 30, 2021
Car Details
Body Aluminium
Mileage 1000 mi
Fuel type Diesel
Engine Detroit Diesel 6V53T
Transmission Automatic
Drive Tracked
Exterior Color Green
Interior Color Green
% Original Part 99
Registered 09/06/1983
History Carfax
Stock id 2202
Seller Note

The first Lance missiles were deployed in 1972, replacing (together with the US-Navy's nuclear-tipped RIM-2D & RIM-8E/B/D) the earlier Honest John rocket and Sergeant SRBM ballistic missile, greatly reducing the weight and bulk of the system, while improving both accuracy and mobility.[3]

A Lance battery (two fire units) consisted of two M752 launchers (one missile each) and two M688 auxiliary vehicles (two missiles each), for a total six missiles; the firing rate per unit was approximately three missiles per hour. The launch vehicles were also able to carry and launch the MGR-1 Honest John with a special kit for operational war-zone mission-dependent flexibility.[3]

The missile's engine had an unusual arrangement, with a small sustainer engine mounted within a toroidal boost engine.